!Aspiring indepdendent artists!Here's content helping you own:
🔊 your music by distributing free
🔦 your web-presence by owning a website
🎨 your creative process with modern code-less organiser AirTable
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🎧 Music Distribution 🔊Stuck on how to distribute your music to stores like Spotify, Apple & Amazon Music?Here's a taster of my unrivalled interactive database, showing distributors who charge no upfront cost. Hmu to request access the full guide, including full info on paid distributors like DistroKid who offer WAY more benefits.

Is any of the data not up to date? Please submit a correction and if we can verify it, we will credit you!
You can also suggest a new free distributor to include in the database.
🙏 indepedent artist JustKarmo for collecting some initial raw data to help get this crowdsourced database started.
🎧 He consistently distributes his music widely, go run him up to see what you can acheive using one of these tools!

WebsiteYou can cheaply copy my Carrd templates at Mode.rner.me.
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AirTableHere's 14 days free trial.
Template coming to AirTable Universe soon.